A collectors compendium

In this workshop we will create a traditional accordion style book from beautiful archival quality paper and then we will get creative personalising your book with pockets, stitching and layering to make an ever changeable (or permanent) collectors compendium.

This will be a beautiful way to display and safe-keep your treasure so bring along your 2D papery treasures (tickets, letters, old photographs, stamps, papers etc). This could be things collected on a special trip, letters from a long lost loves, sweet drawings from your child. Every book will be personal, every book will be unique.

Keep In mind your book will have a final size of 14 x16cm so some items mayneed to be folded. We will have some additional special items to add should you wish - this is the wonderful world of the Lost + Found Department after all!

If you do not happen to have a papery collection on hand, you can still go ahead and make your book with a future collection in mind.

Sunday 21 July - 10am to 3pm.

Lunch and refreshments included.

Tickets: $175 Click to Book

Get in touch if you have any questions